The Editors of Cytogenetic and Genome Research and the founding members of this Society perceived a need for vertebrate, invertebrate and plant cytogeneticits from all parts of the world to have their own international society. This Society has now been established. It will have the following main functions:


Foster the exchange of knowledge and collaboration between investigators of different disciplines of cytogenetics and from different parts of the world by organizing international conferences and by providing Internet facilities for such exchanges.


Establish an organization that will give cytogeneticists greater visibility; represent them in various ways; and demonstrate that cytogenetics is still a very vigorous and important field.


Foster the 'ONE WORLD' concept by attempting to counteract the misinformation that appears to exist in some countries in respect to other nations by promoting interaction of investigators of different countries and by fostering training fellowship opportunities in two ways. (1) Encouraging and providing the mechanism for Society members to enlist and support postdoctoral trainees from developing nations. (2) Provide postdoctoral stipends by establishing an endowed fund for this purpose.


Provide its members with the very sizable discounts for subscriptions and for publication costs in Cytogenetic and Genome Research and for other S. Karger journals and books (see below). We have also started negotiations with some publishers to obtain reductions for their publications and services and some have indicated their interest in doing this.

To contact the main office of the ICGS, email to
Founders Founding Members
Harold P. Klinger
Department of Molecular Genetics
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
1300 Morris Park Avenue
Bronx NY 10461-1602 (USA)
Tel: 718 430 2451
Fax: 718 430 2454
Vice President
Michael Schmid
Department of Human Genetics
University of Würburg
Biozentrum, Am Hubland
D-97074 Würburg, Germany
Tel: +49 931 888 4077
Fax:+49 931 888 4058
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Administrative Associate
Mohan P. Achary
Address, Telephone and Fax same as for Dr. Klinger